The perfect backsplash can be yours

You'll find it if you're looking for the perfect backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom. There are plenty of materials to choose from for benefits you'll enjoy for years to come. Trendy options make visual appeal easier to navigate as well.

These products shine from the most stunning looks to the most impressive durability. You may wonder how you ever lived without these products. And it's worth your time to find out more about them.

Protection you can trust

Wall protection is one of the primary functions found in these materials. For example, a kitchen backsplash can protect your walls from dampness, food splatters, and grease. And it makes cleaning up after food prep or cooking an easier task.

In bathrooms, dampness and humidity are the primary culprits preceding damage. Yet, behind sinks, showers, and toilets, they can change everything about this room. This protection can last more than 50 years with a professional installation.

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Perfect visuals in any room

Stylish visuals are another aspect of this product line that will keep you current. Backsplash tile gives you a variety of colors, formats, styles, and installations. You can match your existing decor or create a focal point for the best results.

The best looks also come after professional installation. Layouts like offset tile, wide format, and diamond patterns add something special. We'll give you examples of everything available to you as you shop for the best materials.

The backsplash installation process

We recommend only professional installation for your backsplashes. The time, precision, and expertise required for this task give you the results you want and need. Once you choose the perfect backsplash and services, we'll give you all the details.

The installation time can vary based on a variety of factors. But we'll tell you precisely what you can expect from start to finish. If you have questions, ask an associate who can give you the answers you need.
Backsplashes in Jonesboro, AR from Today’s Tile Company

We have your backsplash materials and more

When you visit Today’s Tile Company, you'll find a business that excels in customer care. That means maintaining an excellent inventory and offering the best help. No matter what size remodel you undertake, we're here for you.

Upgrade to bathroom and kitchen backsplash materials at our Jonesboro, AR showroom. We'll make sure we meet your needs, whatever they might be. We cater to northeast Arkansas residents in towns like Jonesboro, AR, Paragould, AR, Bono, AR, Brookland, AR, and Bay, AR, and we look forward to working with you.